I am a photographer who lives the sport.
All my work is based on professionalism and the capture of the decisive moment, in order to guarantee the best possible result.
My style is not easy to define, I like the details, which I include or leave out of the frame, waiting for the decisive and unrepeatable moment, a smile, a look, a gesture that conveys different emotions, and that reminds us of that unforgettable moment. Creativity, naturalness are two other qualities that I look for in my photos, each in its own time, and even in combination of the two. All for a result that satisfies my clients.
Photography is today art. And like art, it's free. The artist builds images capturing unrepeatable moments to make them unforgettable.
A style, an idea:
Henri Cartier Bresson
(August 22, 1908 - August 3, 2004). He was a famous French photographer considered by many the father of photo-reporting. He always preached with the idea of ​​catching the decisive moment, the translated version of his "sneaky images". It was, then, to put the head, the eye and the heart at the same moment in which the climax of an action takes place.
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